• This web site is fictional and is for for an educational simulated game. The animals represented on this site are not real and are not affiliated with any real life breeding programs.

Sales Pavillion

We are currently offering 20 horse(s) to the public.

Sales Contract

Lifetime Buybacks

All horses sold are automatically placed under our buybacks policy, unless otherwise stated. This means that should you decide you no longer want to continue owning a horse that we have sold you, you must contact me (Noel) at The Sim Community Forum and offer the horse back. You may not resale a horse without my approval, and should you chose to do so without my consent I will automatically reclaim the horse.

Showing Requirements

Showing is a requirement, unless noted otherwise during the time of sale (example: broodmares). This means at least once a month, no less. Disciplines may not drastically change and horses are to be shown in age-appropriate levels. You may only retire horses with prior consent. Friesians are to be shown at the Sim Friesian Registry (SFR), Hunters/Jumpers are to be shown at the All-Sim Hunters, Equitation, and Jumpers Circuit (AHEJC), and stock horses are to be shown at the Stock Horse Connection (SHC). All are located at The Sim Community Forum.

Stat Restrictions

No homebred of mine may be aged unless you speak to me first at The Sim Community Forum. Having been said, if you age your herd every couple of months or by the number of shows they enter, I generally allow that exception. Just let me know ahead of time so I can be aware of the situation.

Horses names may not be changed or altered in any way. They must remain as they are and be shown as they are. White Oleander Farm homebreds must have the "WF" suffix and Barscotch Performance Horses must have the "Barscotch" prefix. If you are given the opportunity to name the foal please keep that in mind.


If you wish you retire a horse afte a successful career, I'm more than willing to let you do so. However, if you plan to retire a horse you must ask me beforehand. If we haven't discussed the matter, the horse will not pass my next activity check and it will be reclaimed. I am a very understanding Simmer and am happy to let you retire horses to stud/brood, just ask me ahead of time. On that note, if you wish to geld a horse I also ask the you request to do so. Most stallions are sold as such with the understanding that they will eventually continue their bloodline.

Activity Checks

WF/Barscotch may perform monthly activity checks on all stock that we have previously sold. Should a link be broken, show results not be updated, or other various issues, I will reclaim the horse. If a horse has been reclaimed, it will be posted at The Sim Community Forum.

Importing Restrictions

Horses may not be imported into any games, and must remain in All-Sim for the duration of their Sim life. There are no exceptions to this rule. This is to ensure that I can keep an eye on a horses activity.

Available Horses

Foggy News WF
  • 2013 Bay Sabino Clydesdale Sport Horse Gelding
  • (Foggy Sir WF x DP Easy Deelite)
  • Jumpers

Joost WF
  • 2011 Black Friesian Mare
  • (Robrecht x Tanneken WF)
  • Country English Pleasure

Kjerstin WF
  • 2008 Black Friesian Mare
  • (Pietersz x Spellbound WF)
  • English Pleasure

Leeuwerik WF
  • 2005 Black Friesian Mare
  • (Jurriaan WF x Dieuwka WF)
  • Country English Pleasure

Lijsbeth WF
  • 2007 Black Friesian Mare
  • (Robrecht x Wyloren)
  • Dressage

Maartje WF
  • 2009 Black Friesian Mare
  • (Lew x Liesje)
  • Western Pleasure

Majesteit WF
  • 2012 Black Friesian Mare
  • (Leonidas x Fokeltje)
  • Dressage

Marijse WF
  • 2008 Black Friesian Mare
  • (Tsjoerd WF x BP Wibeke)
  • English Pleasure

Mechteld WF
  • 2014 Black Friesian Mare
  • (Leonidas x Hendrikje)
  • Dressage

Noortje WF
  • 2010 Black Friesian Mare
  • (Tsjoerd WF x Djurrkas WF)
  • Country English Pleasure

Onwerkelijk WF
  • 2000 Black Friesian Mare
  • (Lew x Lynour)
  • Dressage

Pagan WF
  • 2003 Black Friesian Gelding
  • (Ogeden x Witchcraft)
  • Dressage

Rowan WF
  • 2005 Black Friesian Stallion
  • (Ogeden x Witchcraft)
  • Dressage

Sacred WF
  • 2005 Black Friesian Stallion
  • (Wiccan WF x Lynour)
  • Dressage

Scripted WF
  • 2013 Black Friesian Mare
  • (Daarkast WF x Cursive WF)
  • Dressage

Maarkast WF
  • 2010 Black Tobiano Friesian Sport Horse Mare
  • (Daarkast WF x Kwuilt WF)
  • Dressage

Ulman WF
  • 2008 Black Leopard Knabstrupper Stallion
  • (Raghnall x Ulricca Den Novelle)
  • Jumpers

BumbleBeeTuna TSC
  • 2014 Bay Overo Paint Mare
  • (Dual Stinger x Tough Tuna)
  • Working Western

Catamaran WF
  • 2014 Bay Swedish Warmblood Mare
  • (CI Call For War x Affluence VE)
  • Jumpers

Carolina Moon WF
  • 2009 Bay Thoroughbred Mare
  • (Top This Cat x Makintheblues)
  • Jumpers